GenerousSolutions is free for Nonprofits.

We have no contracts to sign or costs to setup. Our revenue is generated by fees on completed financial transactions, collected from purchasers. At checkout the credit card processing fee (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction) and our platform fee (3.0%) are applied. 

Why do you suggest supporters pay fees?

We’ve found that supporters generally expect to pay some transaction fees in exchange for the convenience of online purchasing. They also recognize that passing fees back to a Nonprofit reduces the amount the Nonprofit receives, and increases their administration overhead for taxes and reporting*. By default, the GenerousSolutions transaction fees are collected directly from your supporters, so you get 100% of the intended proceeds.

*Of course each situation is different. If it's important to cover the fees on your supporters behalf, we handle that seamlessly too.

What are the costs for free events?

Free events and simple registrations have no fees.

What if I set up a page and don’t sell anything?

That would be too bad, but it won’t cost you a thing.

What about setup costs?

Nope, none. Just sign up and get started. 

Can you show me how the fees on a $50 ticket look?


Ticket price $50.00
Credit Card Fee (2.9% + $0.30) $1.85
GenerousSolutions Fee (3%) $1.50
GST (on our fee only) $0.08
Purchaser Pays $53.43

Is there a maximum transaction fee?

GenerousSolutions puts a hard cap on our fees at $15.00 for a single transaction (equivalent to a $500 transaction). Credit card processing does not have a maximum, and their fees (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction) will be charged on the total transaction amount.