100% FREE

Yup. That's right. GenerousSolutions will be free for Nonprofits forever. Period.

We make money by charging your supporters the credit card processing fee (2.9% + $0.30) and our platform fee (3.0%) on every transaction. We’ve generally found that nonprofit supporters would rather be responsible for these fees, recognizing that passing them on reduces the amount they contribute directly to you. By default our transaction fees are collected directly from your supporters, so you always get 100% of the payment proceeds.

Of course each situation is different. If you are required to cover the processing fees for your supporters, we can handle that seamlessly.

After decades in the Nonprofit sector, we understand that every cent matters. So we take our Generous model even further. At the end of each event, we share a third of the GenerousSolutions fees with your Nonprofit. It's our way of financially supporting the great work you do.

What are the costs for free events?

Free events have no fees.

What if I set up a page and then don’t sell anything?

That would be unfortunate, but it won’t cost you a thing.

But what about setup costs?

Nope. None.

Can you show me how the fees on a $50 ticket look?


Ticket price $50.00
Credit Card Fee (2.9% + $0.30) $1.85
GenerousSolutions Fee (3%) $1.50
GST (on our fee only) $0.08
Purchaser Pays $53.43

How does profit sharing get calculated?

On every transaction, we charge supporters a 3.0% platform fee. We keep two thirds (2.0%) and we share one third (1.0%) with your Nonprofit. With profit sharing, your Nonprofit gets an additional $0.50 for every $50 ticket sold!