Nonprofit Governance 202 – ONLINE Board CPR: Committees, Policies, Recruiting


NEW DATE -- Nonprofit Governance 202 – ONLINE Board CPR: Committees, Policies, Recruiting -- Thursday, July 16 from 6-9 pm MT -- $40 + GST

A board’s work is never done! Governance 202 is hands-on training – you learn how a board accomplishes its work, how it manages itself and its behaviour, and how it plans its succession and renews itself. Learn some of the tools that make board service energizing, focused, mind-expanding, and fulfilling.

Committees are the workhorses of a board. Do you use committees that have great Terms of Reference? Do all committee members understand the committee’s assigned jobs? Is the board clear on the committee’s power and authority? Well-run committees not only do the work of the board, they can be an excellent source for recruitment. Committees energize the board meetings, and free up time for the mind-expanding discussions.

Board policies are the written instructions for the board’s behaviour. How do you handle confidentiality? Do you have an agreed Code of Conduct? How do you assign authority to the Executive Director? Without board policies, it is impossible to ensure consistency. When everyone is on the same page, harmony flows, and the board is stronger.

Recruiting is one of the most important jobs of a board. Learn more about board evaluation, and the art of recruiting, succession planning, and orientation. Remember: you get the board that your organization is ready to have. By beginning with evaluation, the board becomes clear about what it needs next for success, and then it can apply proven recruiting strategies, and plan its succession.  

Governance 202 is a 3-hour workshop focused on a deeper dive into the work of a board. It is ideal for anyone who is currently on a board, or a refresher for those with board experience. Everything you learn will help you to be a more effective Board Director and an asset to your organization.

Prerequisite: Nonprofit Board Governance 101 or a basic governance course.

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Limit 2 participants per organization

$40 CAD

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