The Arusha Centre Presents

A Mindfulness & Meditation Seminar with Dr. Philip Blustein

Stress is universal and a major limiting problem 

In this session, Dr. Blustein will explore several simple strategies that are always available, effective and easily learned to deal with our anxiety. This includes using the breath, dealing with anxiety through the physical sensations of our body, as well as mindfulness and breath focused meditation.

Dr. Blustein is a retired physician from Calgary, AB. He is committed to teaching stress reduction skills after witnessing the interconnection of stress and physical health over his 35+ year career. 

In addition to co-organizing the Wellness Through Mindfulness group, and The Breath Project website, Dr. Blustein is currently working on his second book exploring methods of effective stress reduction. His first book can be accessed here.

This is a free/by donation event. Suggested donation of $5. 

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This is a by donation event. Suggested donation of $5. Payment is not necessary to attend.

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