ONLINE Nonprofit Governance 101

What you need to know when you are governing

CHANGE OF DATE -- FRIDAY, MAY 22 -- ONLINE via Zoom Meeting. Format: instruction, conversation, breakout room exercise(s), Q&A.  Limit 12 participants.

Understanding Your Board Role: You will learn WHO does WHAT with WHOM; WHO is responsible for WHAT, WHO makes WHAT decisions and who can participate in those decisions, WHAT happens if you do and what happens if you don’t – and some of the SYSTEMS and PROCEDURES that allow you to do all that. You will understand the basic functions and responsibilities of nonprofit boards, and learn helpful skills to apply to your own board.

  • Learn what “governance” means.
  • Recognize the importance of your bylaws.
  • Know your general ethical and legal responsibilities and financial liabilities.
  • Understand how to govern, manage and implement (who does what).
  • Own a Governance Workbook packed with detailed information and exercises for you to share your learning with others.

Ideal for: Anyone who is currently on a board, wants to be on a board, or a refresher for those with past board experience. Especially helpful for Executive Directors and senior staff members. Everything you learn will help you to be more effective and an asset to your organization.

Workbook: The electronic Governance Workbook is a complementary resource containing resources, exercises, and case studies, and templates for a variety of commonly-used forms.

Please note: Maximum 2 participants per organization. Contact Roxann to discuss tailored facilitation if more than 2 members wish to have training.

About Us: Marox Consulting Group Ltd. is a not-for-profit advisory firm that inspires agencies to build their capacity and operate effectively so they carry out their mission and serve those that count on them. Roxann Amyotte has 25+ years of experience in capacity building, employee training and mentoring, and leading and managing successful teams in the public, private, non-profit and volunteer sectors. She is a Governance specialist, and has cultivated a reputation for helping organizations develop excellent Board governance. Roxann facilitates light-bulb moments and inspires action!



ONLINE via Zoom Meeting


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Roxann Amyotte


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