Joggin' for Your Noggin'

Huddle Up for Suicide Prevention Edmonton Presents

Huddle Up for Suicide Prevention Edmonton presents: Joggin' for Your Noggin'!

Join us for our inaugural β€œJoggin for Your Noggin” FUN run/walk through the picturesque Edmonton River Valley! Finish up with a post run event at the Alfred Savage Center (light refreshments provided!) πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ½πŸŽ‰


WHO: You! And as many friends and family you can think of!Β 


WHAT: You choose the distance (5km or 10km) and you choose the pace (run, jog, walk, hop, dance, we don’t judge here)!Β 


WHEN: May 23, 1PM


WHY: to erase the stigma around speaking out about mental health AND help raise funds for the Canadian Mental Association with a focus on the Edmonton community we hold so near and dear πŸ’œ

HOW: Funds will be raised through a race fee of 35.00$ and fundraising fee of a minimum of 25.00$ collected before the race. Come check out our SWAG table as well so you can rep Huddle Up year round!




In Canada suicide is one of the top ten leading causes of death. Today 10 people will end their life by suicide and another 200 will attempt. Have you been affected by suicide? Edmonton, as a city, has made great strides in mental health in recent years. Passion for our city and for our people opens our arms to safe discussions and positive outlooks for those suffering from a mental illness. Huddle Up, as an organization, wants to continue lighting that fire for those individuals who have been affected by suicide. There is a widespread stigma that if we speak about suicide we plant the action in someone’s head, this is a myth, it is actually the reverse, speaking about suicide allows people to get help, rethink their opinions and share their stories.



Huddle Up is a non-profit organization that started in Calgary and has spread to Edmonton and Saskatchewan. Proceeds from our events are in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association and furthering our organization towards Canada wide suicide prevention. It was created in the wake of a tragedy and aims to honor the families, friends and coworkers that struggle in their lives as a result of suicide. It’s a small movement with passion, energy and commitment behind it, raising awareness in our communities and opening the conversation to help with the understanding of suicide and mental health.

The route for both the 5 km and 10km is a combination of dirt single-track trail & double-track. You will encounter many hills, roots, bridges & other obstacles (both natural & human-made) along the course so watch your footing, wear proper footwear & have some fun out there!

Β Please note this course is not suitable for strollers. Β Runners are not permitted to participate with dogs or headphones for safety reasons.

Raised:  $140 / $500  Goal
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White Mud Park
13204 Fox Dr NW
Edmonton AB
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Zoe Majeau


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