Community Impact Learning Series

Learn meaningful, authentic and sustainable ways of creating impact through your business.

There are dozens of local business networks. But you specifically joined the only community-focused business network in Calgary. Why? Because you and every other member in this network, are about more than just making a buck. You also know there's a way to make a difference in the city through your business. Some of you are already doing this and kicking ass at it. Some of you are still trying to figure out what your thing is - that thing you want to use your business to somehow create a positive impact with. This learning series is meant to help you all - whether you've been at this for decades or you're brand spanking new.

Workshops will take place on the 3rd Monday of each month from 8:30-10:00am on Zoom. 
(except the first one which will be on Feb 22)

$180 for all 10 sessions. But...we will give you $80 back if you attend all 10 sessions (because we're all about building community and that happens through continued and regular engagement).

So if you attend all 10, it's only $100!

Your learning journey will cover the following topics:

  • Enough for All and Living Wage: Learn about Calgary's Poverty Reduction Strategy and how you can get involved. As well, learn about what's a living wage and why it is one of the biggest things you can do as a business owner to impact poverty.
    February 22
  • Understanding Calgary: What's going on in Calgary? Who are some of the major charities doing great work in Calgary? How is COVID impacting communities in Calgary?
    March 15
  • What's your thing? And what's your why? Dive deep into your why and figure out or fine-tune the impact you are creating through your business. These are crucial components to creating authentic and meaningful impact, which will help with successful storytelling and avoiding PR nightmares.
    April 19
  • (Business) Models for Meaningful Change & What can impact look like? Symptoms vs systems, immediate vs long term. Lots to consider when it comes to creating impact. Like many things, impact is a spectrum. Where does your impact fall on the Impact Spectrum?
    May 17
  • The charitable model: what's working and what's broken. How can you as a business partner in a meaningful way with charities?
    June 21
  • Environmental Impacts - ways to do more good and less bad. Learn about the creative ways other organizations are helping out Mother Nature above and beyond reducing their environmental footprint.
    August 16
  • Collective Impact: Working with other businesses to create even bigger impact. We won’t just talk about it, we’ll figure out a plan and begin to partner with other businesses because we always can do more in community.
    September 20
  • Where's the money coming from? Analyzing the financial sustainability of your impact. We'll look at revenue generation, funding options, and business models that facilitate sustainable social impact.
    October 18
  • True Confessions: Real lessons learned from impact entrepreneurs who have been there and done that...and maybe screwed up along the way.
    November 15
  • Storytelling & Branding: How to tell the world about all the good you are doing (that isn’t exploitive and makes sense for your business).
    December 20


I want it all!

10 workshops for $180 (and if you attend all 10 we'll give you back $80 at the end of the year)

$180 CAD

Storytelling and Branding

How to tell the world about all the good you are doing (that isn’t exploitive and makes sense for your business).

$20 CAD

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